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Current Sales Promotion
From now until September 30, OS AIO(THX-B-208/231C) and NB AIO(THX-B-036/036B/036W/229/229B/229W) have good discount prices. Quantity is limited, please be quick!

With regard to the customers from USA, Canada, India and Southeast Asian countries. If the shipping address is not FedEx remote area, we'll have new sales promotion for the stock products:

1, free shipping for the order over $200.
2, free shipping, 2 free changing mats(THX-W-022B) and 5 other free in stock products gifts for the order over $350.
3, free shipping, 15 free in stock products gifts for the order over $700.

Note: all free gifts will be random products and in random color.

Recently we found some other manufacturers in China "kick-off" our products(especially our newborn diapers) and re-brand with their own labels. So please be careful about that and buy THX products from the correct place! Please remember that the company Qingdao Tian He Xiang Textile Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturer of THX or Bale&Jessee products!

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